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Hi! I’m Violet, the founder of Honey Coast. I have three big loves in my life. Flying, fashion and food! As a flight attendant I’ve been lucky enough to combine all three over the last few years.

I’ve been all over the world -- seeing Paris, New York, Milan, London, San Francisco, Barcelona, LA, Seoul, and many more. But in every place I’ve visited the situation has always been the same... vulnerable people on the street, people in need. 

One day in Sydney, when I grabbed lunch… I stopped. I looked at the lunch bag and then looked down to the ground at a man sitting there hungry. And I just handed it over. The response was glorious, a wide genuine smile from both of us that inspired me to give out more edible happiness!

"What if I could get others to do this? How many people could be fed?" And that's when the lightbulb came on! I could combine my passions to make cute tees that feed

So over the past 2 years I’ve been working with experienced manufacturers in Los Angeles to develop a new range of casual clothing that's a 'lil sexy, a 'lil quirky, and always about slaying hunger.

My dream one day is to make girls radiate with beauty, to make this world less hangry, and create a super cool & fun brand for our quirky squad and our unicorns! 

Every shirt means a meal! Hope you'll luv these cute tees that feed!  : )






Honey Coast USA is a social enterprise focused on bringing you street fashion apparel, and feeding homeless children and adults around the world to fight world hunger. 

With every shirt, we give a meal to a child or adult in need!  Shop now for trendy casual street T-shirts that leave you feeling the positive vibes! 

Founded in Los Angeles, USA.





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